Why Have a Professional Company Clean Your Carpets Rather Than Do it Yourself?


Many home improvement stores will rent carpet cleaning machines and sell you various types of shampoo you can use for your carpets. You may assume that you can simply use these rather than call a professional company when the floors at home are getting a bit dirty. While it may be cheaper to rent a machine and tackle this job on your own, note why it's often better to use a professional company rather than clean any carpets yourself.

1. Warranty

Did you know that your carpets may have a warranty that came with them when they were installed? To uphold this warranty, you may be required to have a professional company clean your carpets. This is to ensure that you don't damage the carpets and also ensure that the job is done thoroughly. If your carpets are not very old, check your ownership papers and note if there is a warranty in effect and if it requires you to use a professional service.

2. Various methods available

You may not realize how many methods of cleaning your carpets are actually available; while steam cleaning with hot water and shampoo is often the most effective choice, you may not want to have wet carpets or may be overly sensitive to certain carpet shampoos. A professional carpet cleaning company can offer you dry shampoo options or may have access to gentler shampoos that won't irritate your sinuses. 

Various other methods may also be good for delicate carpets made with a silk blend that could be damaged by hot water. Wool carpets may also not respond well to being wet and then cleaned. Rather than assume that hot water cleaner and shampoos are your only choice, you might discuss your options with a professional cleaning company.

3. Stains

Getting stains out of carpets is like getting stains out of clothes; your standard cleaning methods are probably not going to be sufficient. You may need certain cleansers to address different types of stains in carpet and tools with brushes and scrubbers to get the carpet truly cleaned. If your carpet has stains from pets, food, wine, lipstick, melted crayons, or anything else that you know will be a challenge to remove, it's good to leave this to a professional. They will usually have a number of cleansers at their disposal and will know how to address those stains without damaging the carpet fibers.

For more information about getting your carpets professionally cleaned, contact a company like You'll Say Wow Carpet Cleaning.


31 December 2015

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